Build Your World Brick By Boring Brick

World building is similar to creating characters but more complex. If you're anything like me, this means it takes a while longer to create a believable world than it does to create a believable character. The more you work at this world, the more detail you can go into. The more detail you go into, the more people will want to live there. And that's exactly what you want. You think Harry Potter would've been so successful if JK Rowling didn't know the wizarding world inside out? You need to think of everything, but here are a few things that are essential: What's different from our world? What's the same? What's important to the people who live there? What do they hate? What do they love? H

You Can Do This! Let's Talk About Writing Motivation

Writing isn't difficult. Wait, come back! I didn't mean it like that. Of course writing is difficult, but it's also easy. Sometimes you can look up and be three-thousand words up. Sometimes it's just three. What's equally bi-polar is the little voice inside your head. This is amazing. This is terrible. Everyone will want to read this. No one will want to read this. This is what truly holds me back, and I know others are the same. This is why being a writer is such a crazy thing. That and all the people walking around in your head. Sometimes that voice is your inner editor trying to make something perfect. But what it can't come to grips with is that nothing is perfect. That's when it becomes

Characters Are Your Best Friends

When I say characters are your best friends, I really mean it. They will annoy you, make you cry, make you laugh, frustrate you, and drive you crazy just like a real friend would. And they should. They should be as real and as annoying as you or me. Your characters--if you're a character-driven person like me--are the most important part of your story. Because after all, it's their story you're telling. We're reading for them. We want to know how it turns out because we're rooting for them. We're not rooting for the author writing a great book, we forget you exist! (But please do write us a good one.) In short, we're in it for them. Many people are plot-driven, and that's okay, but that's ju

New Year! Same Goals!

My resolutions are always habits I want to keep up. Too many resolutions fizzle into nothing, when really what you want to do is create a habit. One year I told myself I wasn't going to drink more than two cups of tea in one day for the whole year, and I didn't. But as soon as January 1st came around, I went back to normal. 365 days should set a habit, but don't count on it. So that's why my goals are always the same, or similar. I'm not letting these habits drop. Read 30 books. Nothing's changed here. I don't want to push too hard as I know I've got a busy year. But saying that, I don't want to drop my total down, so the goal is to maintain the steady 30-ish books I've managed to read each

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