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“There’s no right and wrong any more. Just living and dying.”


What do you do when your worst nightmares become reality? Dreams shattered in a heartbeat. Lifelong plans torn from your grasp. Is surviving the most you can wish for?


Get supplies. Stay hidden. If they come, run. Fast.


Zane Carlisle is thrust into a world of terror and extinction, but all he can think about is protecting the girl he loves and those she cares for. Without her, the world would be a grey empty space where only the dead walk the streets.


But what if it’s not possible? What if you can’t escape? Do you keep fighting?


Or do you give in…?


"one of the most original, perfectly plotted, and immaculate YA novels I have ever read"

"fast-paced and loaded with action" 

"I might be slightly addicted"

"absolutely hooked"  

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