Greatest Female Villains

In fairy tales and stories of the past, women were always the ones who needed saving. Not just in books, I might add. Look at Princess Peach; she's been saved by Mario for 30 years! But girls, we no longer need to be saved. Well, we never did, but I digress. I could go on and on about my favourite female heroes who save themselves, but this year - suggested by Lisa H. and Jem Wakefield on Twitter - I'm going to focus on the villains. When villains first started appearing as women, we were only evil step-mothers and witches. Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Rapunzel are a testament to that. As if the only thing that could make a woman do evil things was being ol

My Favourite Books Released in the Past Five Years

Happy World Book Day, everyone! This year I thought I'd celebrate by listing my top ten YA books released in the past five years. Okay, granted, there are more than ten books in this list, but it's a tough decision! Plus, you can't blame me for grouping the series. So here they are, organised by release date: Raging Star (May 2014) - Moira Young Shimmer (July 2014) / Burn (June 2015) - Paula Weston The Infinite Sea (September 2014) / The Last Star (May 2016) - Rick Yancey The Art of Being Normal (Jan 2015) - Lisa Williamson Daughter of Deep Silence (May 2015) - Carrie Ryan The Rest of Us Just Live Here (Aug 2015) - Patrick Ness Am I Normal Yet? (August 2015) / How Hard Can Love Be? (Feb 2016

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