Book Signing at Waterstones

On Saturday, I had one of the greatest days ever! I spent the day at my very first book signing. All day I got to chat to readers and YA lovers, and not to mention recommend some of my favourite books. I couldn't help myself! Sometimes you just have to point people to Patrick Ness's The Knife of Never Letting Go or Jenny Downham's Before I Die. The Waterstones staff were so friendly and encouraging, and I felt so welcomed. It was a mad rush being so close to Christmas, but they asked me how I was getting on every now and then, which was so kind of them considering how busy it was. I'm so proud ZA's sitting on the shelf with some of my favourite authors! And let me tell you, there's something

NaNoWriM0 2016 Post #5

So, the race is over. Welcome to December, everyone! And relax. Well, not for me. I'm STILL WRITING, though I must admit I took this weekend off as I was hanging out with my family. But back to it this week. I better finish this stupid novel this week. Can't wait to have a really long nap. NaNo was pretty eventful this year. I wrote 75,643 words in total, which I'd just like to point out is a NaNo and a half! It is also the most I've ever written during NaNoWriMo. I drank 52 cups of tea while writing, which is one every 1,450 words. Here's a recap of how I got on. Everyone who took part, winner or not, should be super-proud of themselves. We are writers, and we are superheroes. Until next ye

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