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Why I Find Zombies Fascinating

I love all zombie media. Films, books, video games, TV shows, you name it. Strangely enough, I don't like horror usually, but if it's zombie horror, I'm all in. I pretty much love all kinds of zombie stories, from the old Romero days to the gritty stories we get now. I'm convinced zombies work in every medium, and I have consumed whatever I can.

This Zombie Awareness Month, I thought I'd break down what I love so much about the stories these braindead monsters bring to life.

1. Images of the Apocalypse

Let's face it, the apocalypse is grim - we can appreciate just how grim it will be a little too vividly at the moment. But even so, zombie media always manages to be so beautiful. Not necessarily in the traditional way. For example, the shots of empty London in 28 Days Later was something I just couldn't take my eyes off. There's something about it that just pulls me in. It's chilling and harrowing and gripping in the best way. There's something about the bleakness that I find so enthralling. It's quite something to see the world overgrown and smashed and burning.

2. Relationships Between Humans

I've always found the relationships between humans and how they evolve over time and in different scenarios fascinating (it's probably one of the reasons I'm a writer). We're such complex creatures. Things pull us together and tear us apart, and zombie media is the perfect vehicle for this. I love watching friendly people become ruthless, the weak become strong, and the arrogant becoming withdrawn.

3. Constant Danger

There is never any let-up. Sometimes you can hardly take stock before the new wave of the undead is upon you, and this is why I am never bored of zombies. You don't get a second to be bored! If you're not running from zombies, you need to find food and shelter. What about other people? Do you trust them? There's just so much going on and so many places to go, and I love that possibility.

4.Gritty, Gory Violence

Now, this is probably the reason zombies aren't for everyone, but I can't help it; I love gory violence. There's something so tactile about the old Romero special effects that I actually find them more gruesome than the stuff we get now. There's something about their limbs hanging off and them not caring that's so disgusting it's entertaining. No? Just me then?

5. It's Not Always About the Zombies

I truly believe a lot of zombie stories aren't about zombies at all. They're about survival. Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, Walking Dead, Resident Evil, even Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead. The zombies are what make the characters come together, whether they fit together or not, and the mix of characters being thrust together is what makes this genre so open to me, so full of possibility. You can put characters in the exact same situation, but if their personalities are different, you'll get a different outcome. And I for one am not bored yet!

As you're reading this blog (and you got to the end!), I assume you love zombies too! In case you didn't know, I've written a zombie YA horror, ZA. It is full of all five of my favourite things about zombie media. Check it out on Amazon if, like me, you're always hungry for more zombies!

Also, you might be interested in My Zombie Top 5s blog that I wrote for Movellas a few years ago, detailing my top five zombie films, video games, and books!

I'd love to know your favourites! I need a new zombie read most of all! Let me know your favourites in the comments or on Twitter @MollyLooby (as I basically live there).

Stay safe!

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