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Week One - 'After' Book Three

I started it. Yep. After Book Three is now in progress and I'm falling back in love with writing. Not that I ever fell out of love with it but you know what I mean. Well, you will if you're a writer. So, to follow on from last week's blog post (read it here), I am trying to be more of a writer and less of a reviewer on. After all, I am a writer always. When I'm watching the TV and not paying attention because I'm thinking of my work in progress, and when I'm in the shower and the hot water runs out because I'm too busy considering a new character's back story, and especially when I'm exactly 0.01 seconds away from falling asleep. Anyway, back to it. So I've written a trilogy before--the Immorality of Immortality trilogy--and it occupied me from the ages of 15-17 and in many ways, defined me as a writer. The After trilogy I guess is similar in some ways but insanely different in others. What I think I'm trying to say is, I've written a trilogy before, so I know what it feels like. But saying that, this one feels different. I of I's third book (Chancing the Truth) was written from three characters perspectives and in a lot of respects, that made it easier. But not After. All I've got for my narrator in After is Abia Angel, intelligent, logical, and no-nonsense. And she poses a few challenges, let me tell you. But it's fun to write someone who doesn't like the things you like. Anyway, I'm blabbering aren't I . . . So week one went well. From Saturday 19th to Saturday 26th I managed to write 24,000 words which is more impressive than I can even express. Book Three is officially 5,000 words larger one week in than Book Two (Hereafter) was at this time. However, it's 7,000 words shorter than Book One (Thereafter - link takes you to Movellas to read a draft if you want) was at this time, but then again, that was NaNo! I think I can put my success down to fear. I have a limited time to write each day so I just have to blast it. I have my lunch break and the short amount of time between when I finish my work for the day and my other half gets back from work. The majority of this novel is going to be written at those times and I've never been so constrained before. But now I'm an adult with responsibilities. Bleugh. It's doing me well so far. But week one always goes well doesn't it, writers? You Wrimos will know what I'm talking about. Wish me luck for week two.

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