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ZA: An Apocalyptic Writing Competition

Exciting news! I have teamed up with amazing writing site, Movellas, to bring you a Zombie Armageddon themed writing competition!

Enter to win a signed copy of ZA and feedback from me!

Here are some more details but visit the competition page on Movellas for everything you need to know.

How to Participate

1. Write a fanfiction or regular story about the Zombie Armageddon, or where the world is ravaged by another type of apocalypse. This can be either the outbreak or years later.

2. Write a fanfiction or a regular story where a group of people must band together. Whether they’re in a desperate situation or not is up to you!

3. Design an alternate cover for the book (after reading the extract, of course) or an alternate trailer.

The Prizes

1st place will receive a signed copy of ZA and feedback on their entry from Molly.

2nd & 3rd place will also receive signed copies of ZA!

Best cover/trailer will receive a signed copy of ZA.

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