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Why #IReadYA

It is no secret that I read YA. In fact, I read pretty much exclusively YA. There's something about YA that you just can't get in any other genre. I love the depth of the characters and their emotions and how many adventures you can go on in a YA book.

Last year for #IreadYA week I posted a blog about Books Nobody's Reading That Everyone Should Be Reading, celebrating some of my favourite YA books that for some reason other people aren't reading and shouting about! Since then, I can't say the list has changed that much so I won't be writing a new one. Instead, I'll do something different.

Here are a list of reasons to read YA;

  • YA says things other genres are afraid of saying

  • You can fall in love over and over again

  • You can enter a world nothing like your own

  • You can learn about real issues

  • You make imaginary best friends

  • You will laugh and cry--sometimes at the same time

  • There are endless possibilities

  • YA teaches you that you are not alone

There are thousands of reasons to read YA, but I think the most important one of all is:

YA is honest.

You want to know what it feels like to be heartbroken, bullied, trapped in an apocalypse, the chosen one? Whatever you want, it'll be there, ready for you.

YA is a world that anyone can escape to, not just the young adults the books are marketed to.

So pick up a YA. You might be a changed reader.

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