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Week Seven and Eight - 'After' Book Three

I'm writing again!

It's been crazy for the past two weeks, but at last, I'm writing daily again. I'm afraid there's nothing to say about week seven as my word count was a big fat zero.

However, halfway through week eight, I got my act together and have ended the week just shy of 6,500 new words. Nothing to shout about, I know. That brought my total up to 72,000. Getting ever closer to the end!

Week nine might be the end of it. Or maybe I'll just slip over into week ten to finish. Either way, week nine is going to be very interesting indeed. My notes say 'HUGE BATTLE', and I must say I'm excited.

How great is that? I'm excited about writing again! Yay!

Whatever happens, I'm finishing this book before I go on holiday in the beginning of June. I can do this!

Gotta get typing away!

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