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Week Ten - 'After' Book Three

I finished! Yes, I know! The celebrations are still underway. After ten weeks of writing, I typed the final full stop of 'After' book three. It came to a whopping 100,333 words. No wonder it took me so long. All in all, it took me 70 days, though I was only putting words on the page for 44 of them. In fact, if you only count the days I put words to page, the whole trilogy only took me 85 days. How scary is that? Pretty damn scary. Though in real time the trilogy took me 1 year, 5 months, and 26 days. And I don't care how awful book three reads at the moment, I couldn't be more proud. As you can imagine, week ten was intense. I knew all these things needed to happen, and I had to coordinate everyone and everything that was happening, and that took more time than I imagined. But it always gets to a point where you can't stop, doesn't it, writers? I reached this point on Friday 27th May and wrote and wrote and wrote until I got to the end. I wrote 6,300 words that day. It's only on special occasion that I break 6k in one day. And it was a very special occasion indeed. I am now the author of two trilogies. I am now the author of twelve books. Now to rest until NaNo . . . maybe.

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