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Being a Writer

Being a writer . . .

Waking up in the middle of the night to write something down.

Re-reading old notes and wondering what you were thinking.

Not writing something down and regretting it.

Having incredible ideas whilst out walking, in the shower, watching TV. Sit in front of a computer: nothing.

This is the best thing ever! Everyone will love this! This is the worst thing I've ever written. Why would anyone be interested in this rubbish. Repeat.

Constructing fantastic sentences on paper. Sounds like you don't know English when you speak.

Write thousands of words and feel like a superhero. The next day you write three sentences and want to go back to bed.

NaNoWriMo is a word you both love and hate to hear.

What's that word? Oh no. I know it's a word. Check Thesaurus. But I swear there's a word that should be here!

I'll just check *insert social media app*.

What an awesome backstory. So excited to reveal it. Never reveal it/ reveal too much and ruin character.

But that's not what they would do.

No, I'm not crazy.

Where's that notebook? Search through twenty and get distracted.

But first, tea/coffee.

Spending hours researching something complicated and never using it in the story.

Bored of having to explain to people why you won't be the next *insert famous author*.

Talk about writing because someone asked, only to realise they stopped listening.

Why don't you write *insert genre you do not write*?

Getting halfway through a story and three new ideas pop into your head.

Finishing a story and all other ideas vanish.

Writing something you're proud of only for your first reader to hate it.

Reading over your old work and cringing.

Having more imaginary friends than real friends.

Where is this story going? Somewhere good I hope.

Spending all day writing and someone asks how much you've written: "that's not important."

Using *insert video game/TV show/book* as research.

Having a very disturbing Google search history.

The pressure of writing competitions is too much.

Staring at a computer screen all day but not touching the keyboard nearly enough.

Having to look up grammar rules because you're doubting yourself.

Questioning the very fabric of the universe.

Picking apart the human psyche and discovering that humans are disturbing.

Wat r werds?

But I wouldn't change my hobby for anything.


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