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NaNoWriM0 2016 Post #5

So, the race is over. Welcome to December, everyone! And relax.

Well, not for me. I'm STILL WRITING, though I must admit I took this weekend off as I was hanging out with my family. But back to it this week. I better finish this stupid novel this week. Can't wait to have a really long nap.

NaNo was pretty eventful this year. I wrote 75,643 words in total, which I'd just like to point out is a NaNo and a half! It is also the most I've ever written during NaNoWriMo. I drank 52 cups of tea while writing, which is one every 1,450 words.

Here's a recap of how I got on.

Everyone who took part, winner or not, should be super-proud of themselves. We are writers, and we are superheroes.

Until next year, Wrimos.

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